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Rates and Fees

APR Disclosure

Before executing the loan documents, you will get the repayment terms, repayment cost, APR, loan fees, and terms from your lenders. The APRs represented by the different lenders are ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. Loan repayment period varies from minimum of 2 months to maximum 72 months. The APR is calculated on the basis of terms of loan, timing of payoff, repayment schedule, amount of loan, repayment fees, and loan cost. The regulation of the APRs is done by local and state laws. Access to the loan terms is only remains with the lenders, so they are only liable to provide you the information regarding the renewal policy, loan rates loan terms, and implications of late payments and non-payments.

Representative Example:

It can be easily understood by taking an example, consider taking a loan of $1,000 for a period of over 12 months. The APR for this will be 29.82%, so the total repayment amount including the interest would be sum up to $1,134.72.

The services provided by are free as we do not charge our customers. All the fees and rates are decided by the lenders. We ( are not the lenders and does not provide the customers with the lending services directly. With the help of provided information by you, we connect you to the lenders conveniently and quickly.

Full Disclosure of Terms

It is important in Lending Industry to have full disclosure of interest rates and loan fees. You should have all the complete disclosure of all the rates and fees before loan acceptance. It is very important and advised to read the loan agreement carefully prior to accepting and signing.

Late Payment Policy

All the lenders have their own and different polices regarding payment terms of the loan. So, it is important to make sure that you have carefully read and understood the details entailed in your agreement of loan. The regulations regarding late fees are followed by all the lenders as per their state laws and federal laws.

Missed Payment Policy

Some additional charges might get incurred on your loan, if you do not made payment of loan on time. We are always working to get you connected to the reputable lenders who are dedicated to collect the debts with very reasonable, fair, and legal methods. To know more about the consequences of non-payment you can review the regulations stated in the State and Federal laws.

Loan Renewal Policy

The polices of loan renewal are governed by the State Law. Due to renewals, some additional late fees and interest will be added that will potentially hike up your total loan cost. It is advised to avoid the renewal of loan as it adds on the final payable amount. You should review and check the regulation specified by your state government before signing loan agreement.


The above provided information is considered as general information, do not intend it to be the legal advice. You must always talk and consult your legal advisor or the lender regarding your question associated to the laws and regulations.