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Privacy Policy

Dollar Tree (further referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”) is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of your personal information. All the details of how your personal information is collected, used, shared, and protected by us using our services (including, our mobile application, and website) you is mentioned.


Several sorts of information are being collected from you. The type of information is dependent on the service or the product being used by you from us. The information that is being collected is inclusive of the following:

  • Your income and transaction history
  • Account balances and credit history
  • Bank account information and your Social Security number
  • Device information (including Browser type, operating system, and IP address)
  • Contact Information (Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number)


The different ways of collecting information from you are inclusive of the following:

  • When a loan application is submitted by you
  • While you use our services
  • From the different third-party sources and credit bureaus
  • When the information was provided by you


Your personal information is being used by us for:

  • Verification of your identity and avert the frauds
  • Responding to legal investigations and court orders
  • Providing reports to the credit bureaus
  • Enhancing the services
  • Processing your application for a loan and providing service to your account
  • Offering you our curated services and products

Sharing Your Information

Your personal information is shared with third parties for the below-mentioned reasons:

Marketing Purposes

Your information might be getting shared with our affiliates and non-affiliates so that they can offer you their services and products.

Everyday Business Purposes

We share your information with our service providers who are facilitating us in operating our business. These service providers include credit reporting agencies, fraud prevention agencies, etc.

Limiting Your Information Sharing

You can limit how we can use your personal information shared by us for marketing purposes:

[You can opt out of sharing your information by contacting us through other ways

Important Note:

  • For a new customer, we will start sharing your personal information after a certain time as prescribed under the law.
  • It is already written in the notice that your information will be shared even if you are no longer associated with us.
  • You can contact our team anytime to limit your sharing as noted in the above section.

Limiting Your Information Sharing

To get your personal information and data secured from getting accessed and used by unauthorized sources, we have implemented the best security measures that are in compliance with federal laws. These measures are implemented to safeguard our computer systems along with the files and our buildings too.

Other Important Information:

  • Our privacy might get updated from time to time. The new updated privacy policy will be posted on our platforms, and it will be effectively applicable upon posting.
  • It will not be possible for us to accommodate all the requests from us to change or review the personal information provided by you.
  • For residents of different regions, we do have different provisions regarding sharing of the information.