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Disclaimer (“we”, “us”, or “our”) is not a lender and is also not liable for making any decisions and approving or denying any loan request. We only provide a platform to our service providers and lenders and do not act as their agent, correspondent, or representative. We also do not endorse loan products, service providers, or lenders. Our services are not present in all the states.

Submission of information by you gives authority to us and our partners to conduct your credit check through your Social Security Number from different identifications and review your creditworthiness. The credit checks are being carried out by major credit bureaus, that includes, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You have also authorized us to share your credit history and information with our network of lending partners.

We do not charge you any sort of fee for submitting your loan application on our website. We will search from our vast network to get you the best lender that serves you as per your needs based on the information provided by you.

Once your information is forwarded to our lending partner, they will assess your information and decide on approval or denial. If it gets approved, you will be taken to an e-signature page on the lender’s website. The lender will disclose all the rates and charges associated with the loan at that time. Review all the details prior to signing the document and accepting the loan. You are not obligated to accept the terms that don’t seem comfortable to you.

If you are comfortable with all the terms, then you can proceed by e-signing the loan document. After signing, you get legally bound by the lender to take responsibility for repaying the loan. All the concerns and obligations related to loan and repayment are between the lender and you, we ( are not responsible.

Intend the Cash advances as the financial relief for the short term, not as the solution for the long term. You should seek counseling from a credit advisor if you face difficulties with credit or debt.

You have provided your authorization, agreement, and acknowledgment that:

a) We can share your information with third-party partners or lenders on your behalf.

b) These lenders can collect your consumer reports and other information from different reporting agencies like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian for evaluation of your creditworthiness.